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Can You Make Money with Refurbished Cell Phones?

With an estimated 250 to 300 million active cell phones in today’s U.S. market alone, many do not realize the danger that is posed by throwing a cell phone out. In today’s green world, throwing out a cell phone doesn’t get the attention that it should. You can make money refurbishing cell phones if you have the right mindset to market them in a way that builds awareness and excitement for global environmental issues.

We recycle everything else, why shouldn’t we recycle cell phones? Today the best way to market a refurbished product is to appeal to the green market. A cell phone must be disposed of properly due to some of the toxic substances that compose a cell phone such as lead, cadmium, brominated flame retardants, and beryllium. Considering that the average U.S. consumer only uses their phone for twelve to eighteen months before buying a new model, there is a large amount of waste being generated in the cell phone industry. Encouraging people to give their cell phones to you in order to be refurbished and re-sold, not only helps the environment, but it profits your business as well.

In order to get old cell phones at low costs, tell your family, friends, and customers who buy new phones from you that you are willing to take their old cell phones off of their hands. 70% of Americans don’t even realize that recycling an old cell phone is an option, so it is your job to publicize your willingness to take old phones for refurbishment. You may be surprised at how many phones you are able to get for free just by taking this step. Another way to gain old cell phones inexpensively is to put an ad in local newspapers advertising your willingness to recycle old cell phones. Offering to pay $10 for cell phones that are younger than 3 years old can be an incentive too, and once they are refurbished you can make a profit by selling them for much more. Some sellers work with a local charity. The charity holds a drive for cell phones and they may agree to allow you to take the best phones to be refurbished, as long as you agree to give them a portion of your profits. Finally, consider utilizing Ebay to sell refurbished phones. A global marketplace is the best place to sell secondhand phones because there are many people in other parts of the world, who just can’t afford a new cell phone. Ebay is a great way to connect with those buyers.

Market your refurbished cell phones to the right buyers. Parents looking for a phone for their child, or teenager, may be more willing to save on the cost of the phone, especially considering how rough children can be on equipment. For a parent, there is less concern about a refurbished phone banging around in a book bag than an expensive new phone possibly being damaged. Buyers in developing countries may only be able to afford a refurbished phone, and therefore the global marketplace is an important advertising medium. Finally those who are worried about their own impact on the environment may be more willing to consider the less expensive refurbished phone for their mobile calling needs.

Whether you are marketing to those who don’t want to give their child something brand new or a buyer who is trying to do their part for the environment, refurbishing cell phones can be a worthwhile endeavor.

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