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A Recycle Business Opportunity That Can Always Be Re-Used

The craze started long before Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s a cyclical trend like everything else. It’s cyclical, but it’s an important trend. Being environmental conscience is one of the “in” trends right now. The public is concerned about energy dependence on foreign sources and the dangers of climate change.

You can use this new trend to your advantage as well as starting a new business. You make extra money and save the environment at the same time. Although the trend is cyclical in its popularity with the mainstream audience, the supporters of a healthy environment have always been a strong and vocal community. These strong supporters will be the word-of-mouth source that drives customers to you when you start a cellular phone recycling business.

Cell phones are made of plastics and metals that get discarded when the electronic functions are no longer working. People lose cell phones all the time. They drop them. They dump them in water; leave them on top of their cars when they pull away from parking spaces. People need new phones all the time for various reasons. Every time someone buys a new phone, something has to be done with their old phone.

This is where your cellular phone recycling business comes in. You can promote a service that will properly dispose of these old mobile phones so that the waste doesn’t add to the current disposable problems.

There are several ways that you can make money from this idea. You can charge a minimal fee from individuals to take these phones off their hands. You can formulate a partnership with a local mobile phone retail store and offer to take all the discarded phones from their customers for a bulk fee. If you’re technically savvy, you can take these phones and rebuild them into working models and resale them.

The options are limitless. You would first have to consult a few resources to learn how to properly dispose of a phone and its parts in a way that it is environmentally safe. Develop ways for customers to deliver their phones to you in a way that it’s not an inconvenience to them. Today’s consumers want it easy or they don’t want it at all. So make sure your business makes it easy to dispose of their wireless phones without them having to do what they may perceive as “jumping through hoops.”

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